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Dear Friend...

The Shanti Christo Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization which is dedicated to disseminating the transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) by making available the great body of work you’ll find in this site.

However The Shanti Christo Foundation is much more than that!

Shanti Christo is one expression of a vibration of the process whereby Heaven is brought to Earth.  Shanti Christo means “the Peace of the Anointed One”.  It is a vision from Jeshua of a “way” to truly remember we remain all we are created to be: The perfect thought of Love in form.

As more of us come together in perfect safety, in perfect vulnerability, to celebrate and to heal anything unlike Love - that is, all of our misperceptions that lead to suffering and lack, fear and loss - we can have the experience of realizing there is a power in us that far transcends anything life can hand us.

We extend the invitation to you to join us in this grand experiment. You have the power to manifest this vibration which is Shanti Christo, the Peace of Christ, with us.

Throughout this site you’ll find references to Jeshua and His remarkable teachings and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase His formal lessons called The Way of MasteryThe Shanti Christo Foundation is the official publisher of The Way of Mastery "blue" book. Many other recordings from the years 1994-1999 are also available.

We'd like to hear from you! Feel free to contact us by calling (505) 216-7541, send an email or click here to complete our online information request.

The Shanti Christo Foundation
P.O. Box 60965
Sacramento, CA 95860-0965 USA
Ph: (505) 216-7541

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 The quotations below are from
"The Way of Mastery".

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Shanti Christo Foundation is
the official publisher of
The Way of Mastery "blue" book.

The Way of Mastery - the official complete three part teachings of Jeshua are avaialable in one, convenient, high quality, hard cover book.

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