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As well as publishing The Way of Mastery and its related material, the Shanti Christo Foundation (SCF) has another very important divine function to fulfill. In order to understand this vital function, we have prepared a realization paper called “Let Us Continue in the Greatest Story Ever Told!” This paper also includes paragraphs from
A Course in Miracles” to enhance the main role or purpose being explained. This undertaking not only applies to SCF but to all others who want to join in assisting
Jeshua bring about Heaven on Earth. This remarkable material was originally composed by Jeshua in 2011 which led to the realization of SCF’s holy purpose. It wasn’t until May 2014, when the questions on page 16-19 were added, that we were given permission to release it.

We have also prepared a short explanation on how the “. . .Greatest Story Ever Told!” was given to us. The “How and Why the "Greatest Story" Came into Fruition” document explains this as well as the nature of channeling, the end of guruism, proper perspective on how to help the world and more.

See the three PDF links below:

How and Why the "Greatest Story" Came into Fruition

Contents page for the story

The Story: "Let Us Continue in the Greatest Story Ever Told!"

You may use and share this material (How and Why the "Greatest Story" Came into Fruition, Contents Page and Let Us Continue in the Greatest Story Ever Told!), but only in its entirety. It cannot be changed, modified or edited without the permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. If you put the “greatest story” and “how it came into fruition” on a website or in advertisement please show a link to


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 The quotations below are from
"The Way of Mastery".

The Way of Mastery - the official complete three part teachings of Jeshua are avaialable in one, convenient, high quality, hard cover book.
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