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Study Groups

As we continue to listen to Jeshua's messages for inspiration and guidance, we are moving forward into expanded directions with the Shanti Christo Foundation’s (SCF) study group program. Trusting in the Voice for God, we know that the changes will ultimately benefit all as we bring love and light to the world, and awaken through the Atonement.

And you recognize it as the voice of the Father guiding your personality, your emotions and even the body to the places, events, people and experiences through which the tapestry of the atonement – the at-one-ment – is being woven, through which all of the children of God are called home again. (TWOM. P 6)

SCF feels that the material offered by Jeshua is a self-study course. However, meeting with a group can be a wonderful way to connect with other people whose lives have been touched by Jeshua’s teachings. Group meetings can help anchor the lessons, provide support and an opportunity to join and celebrate together. We also realize that those who embark on truly living the ideas found in The Way of Mastery lessons may want continued reinforcement, encouragement, and love. A group can be a marvelous way to nurture the growing Christ.

To locate a group in your area or to add your name as a facilitator, go to our Study Groups List page: Click here.

Study Group Coordinator

To contact our Study Group Coordinator, Soonhee Hong-Johnson: click here.

Study Group Guidelines

Although we have no requirements other than a deep desire to share with anyone who resonates with the beautiful lessons from Jeshua, we strongly suggest that study group facilitators be those who have spent time with these lessons prior to becoming one who facilitates an on-going group.

We have prepared a guideline document called "Suggested Guidelines for The Way of Mastery Facilitators" (Click here) in PDF format to help with starting an on-going group study. You may download, print and share these guidelines.

Facilitator & Study Group Papers

With the help of Jeshua, we have prepared several papers on different topics to help study groups to better understand certain principles. Some of the papers have "A Course in Miracles "(ACIM) paragraphs blended with "The Way of Mastery" paragraphs to enhance the topics of discussion. You are free to download these files, print them and share them in your study groups. The last page of each paper has copyright approval along with some other requirements.

Click on any pdf file below to download or print the paper.
Allowance Is the Greatest of Keys to the Kingdom - with ACIM
Allowance Is Transformation
Become a Spokesperson for Reality
Beloved Friend, There Is Only One Guru! - with ACIM
Circle of Perfection Meditation - with ACIM
Commitment Means That You Do Not Get to Leave the Room
Communication & Holy Relationship - with ACIM
How Much of God's Love Are You Willing to Receive - with ACIM
In the Way of Perfect Knowledge, All Efforting Is Suspended
Jeshua, What Would You Have Me Do
May the Lineage Be With You - with ACIM
Oh! This Little Gnat of Mine
The First Axiom of Truth - with ACIM
The Way of the Heart Overview
Your Function Is to Bless Creation - Lesson 12 support - with ACIM

The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing are available in one volume, hard bound and beautifully presented.

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We'd like to hear from you! Feel free to contact us by calling (505) 216-7541, send an email or click here to complete our online information request.


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The Way of Mastery - the official complete three part teachings of Jeshua are avaialable in one, convenient, high quality, hard cover book.
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